Alison PiscitelliMy name is Alison Piscitelli and 5 years ago today I weighed 350 pounds!!! My New Year’s resolution on January 1, 2010 was to join a gym and to establish a healthier lifestyle. Everyone knows that losing weight and obtaining the perfect body is an up and down daily struggle. As I began my quest to shed the weight, I learned about clean eating, hydration, and the importance of quality protein powders, along with products for recovery.

Bionic Edge Whey protein has been a life saver!!! I’ve had 1-2 shakes daily over the course of the last 5 years and find both flavors to be delicious! It feeds my muscles and unlike other protein shakes I have tried, I experience zero digestive problems, zero headache, and love that it is compliant my Paleo life style! The most appealing aspect of this product is that it’s not loaded with artificial ingredients and I was able to preserve and build lean muscle mass while losing 200 pounds. This product satisfies my appetite by providing the nutrients necessary to keep my energy level up, especially when I needed it most. I am positive that I would not have obtained my intended goals of weight loss and continue on my path as a NPC Physique competitor without the use of this amazing product.

Alison Piscitelli

RTN Whey protein is the purest form of whey to achieve the benefits of the highest-quality protein, with very little calories, fat or lactose. Because it is digested so easily, I drink my whey protein right after exercise, as well as just before bed. Mixing it into my oatmeal in the morning is one of the healthiest---not to mention easiest---breakfasts you can have. Oats are high in fiber, contain several nutrients, naturally reduce cholesterol and promote a healthy heart...adding the RTN Whey will promote muscle recovery : )

Melissa Kelley WNBF Pro World Champ


I have been using Bionic Edge Whey since June 2012. I use this product approx 5 times per week which has contributed to my weight loss and has helped me with my work outs. I really enjoy Bionic Edge Whey and the different varieties of shakes you can create.

Rob Bothe (dropped over 50 lbs and lost several inches)

Perhaps it has been timing, but RTN has been the nutritional staple that has positively influenced my health and fitness at various stages of my life. Initially in my late 20's a busy professional seeking a healthier life style and weight loss, then my 30's during pregnancy and after delivery of my daughter RTN's Bionic Whey profile was the only product approved by my doctor to supplement my nutrition. Today, at 39 yrs old my baby is 6 yrs old and RTN once again did not let me down. This time I took my passion for health n fitness to another level. I entered my first NPC bikini competition in April 2012 followed by my first NPC Figure Competition at the Texas State Naturals November 2012 where I placed 5th in my category. RTN Bionic Whey is the only supplement that I exclusively incorporate throughout my preparation. I have seen the difference as a mom and as a competitor. Thank you so much for making your products available in Texas!

Giovanna Ginorio, NPC figure competitor

What's been getting me through my days recently on this digestion system of mine? RTN probiotics chewables: I take them 3x a day with my biggest meals of the day. I loveee how they are a probiotics && digestive enzymes

Marisa Savino

RTN "Rocked Tom's Nutrition" so well that my return after a 24 year retirement :) was much better then I bargained for especially being that my prep week consisted of an 80 hour week. Thanks for the great products !! RTN BIONIC EDGE WHEY is my choice

Tom Bodluc

I have worked out for several years and never made much progress with building lean muscle and decreasing inches in my waste and hips. Six years ago, I worked with a personal trainer and tried several protein products. I wasn’t too happy... with the taste of many until I tried Bionic Edge Whey Protein. The taste and texture of this protein far exceeds all others that I’ve tried. Another reason I like Bionic Edge Whey Protein is it contains no artificial chemicals or sweeteners. Since I’ve been using this product along with strength training and cardio, I am in better shape now vs. 20 years ago (even after having 2 children). Bionic Edge Whey Protein keeps me on track with my diet and healthy eating. By adding a shake or protein bar in between meals/after workouts helps keep me stay satisfied and build lean muscle. I don’t know what I would do without this product. It is truly amazing!!!

Revolutionary Technology Nutrition-Bionic Whey (Chocolate) has honestly “revolutionized” my mornings!!
It has been about 5 years now (wow) since being introduced to the RTN protein and I have been hooked since! My mornings begin with a pro...tein shake made with ice, water, frozen blueberries and peanut butter on the side (I know a weird combo. but don’t knock it until you try it!) Not only do I get my protein but also a boost of antioxidants...And all combined in one low calorie delicious shake.
I must say, I crave them. You always know when I’m around by the echoing of the magic bullet…I have gone through several over the years. Hint blending RTN protein in the magic bullet creates a perfect consistency and delicious shake.
I order 10lb buckets (yes buckets) at a time and go through them before I know it! People take protein shakes for all different reasons, but for me...they are a great equivalent to the protein I don’t get from meat or chicken.
Since having daily (sometimes more) shakes, I have most definitely noticed the health benefits! My hair is thicker and shinier, my nails don’t break, and my muscles are stronger! From fitness competitions to triathlons, Bionic Edge Whey gives me the protein I need to stay ahead of the game.

I’ve been drinking Bionic Edge Whey as a part of my daily food intake for about six months now, and I have seen (and the scale has shown) dramatic results. I have always been an active individual, my premier form of activity resulting from ...years of playing soccer and running as a hobby. It was only recently that I’ve decided to supplement my workout regimen with Bionic Edge Whey. This was spurred on by what I unfortunately became familiar with- “the freshman 15.” Upon going into college, I was a lean 127 pounds. As I weighed myself just before the commencement of the academic year, I had surely gained fifteen pounds.I find it VERY important when dealing with abdominal fat to keep a low sugar, low calorie, and high fiber diet. This is exactly what Bionic Edge Whey provided for me. Not only does it have what I’m looking for in those areas, with Bionic Edge Whey you don’t need to worry about any detrimental effects of chemicals and dyes because this whey is 100% natural. I can proudly say that with working out and drinking this protein I have lost 13 pounds and look WAY better than I originally did! I recommend this way to my teammates who have been playing soccer for 14 years and they love it as well! My personal favorite is Vanilla Bionic Edge Whey mixed with ice and half a cup of all natural almond milk- tastes like a DQ shake!
Fantastic product- wouldn’t dream of drinking anything else!

Bionic Edge Whey is my favorite protein I've tried in my seven years of training. My search for a delicious protein with the right macros is over. The chocolate tastes like chocolate milk when mixed and has very low fat and carbs. The possibilities are endless with the whey b/c of all the recipes for amazing treats on RTN's website. When dieting this whey keeps me sane!!
Susan Hartjen - fitness model

Being a professional in the health industry keeps me aware of all of the different products available for me to use. Over the years I have tried a plethora of different products that alleged to help make one stronger, leaner, more energized etc… The products that Revolutionary Technology Nutrition manufacturers are by far the best quality and actually do what they say they do. That is one of the biggest differences between the Revolutionary Technology Nutrition product line and all the others. Since the thought of selecting products that will help to maintain the optimal level of health can feel like a daunting task, I always recommend a variety of supplemental products to my busy clients. I train a variety of people who have very different careers but the one common thread they share is that they are all very busy and they are all on-the-go… While it is always important to have a clean and healthy diet, there are many times when fitting four to six healthy meals in a day is the ultimate challenge. I use Bionic Edge Whey daily because it helps to supplement my diet, it helps me to maintain my lean muscle, gives me the energy I need to maintain my very active schedule. It also tastes great and it the one protein powder I have found that doesn't bother my stomach. This particular protein powder contains an digestive enzyme that allows you to easily digest it with no issues.

I am extremely particular about what food and products I put into my body and I can highly recommend Revolutionary Technology Nutrition products since I use them myself and I would never recommend something that I don't believe in or use myself to my clients.

I have been modeling for almost 9 years now and just last year began competing in NPC Bikini Competitions. Before this, I would just eat low calorie/fat food and not include protein shakes in my diet. It wasn't until I did my 3rd competition at the Arnold Classic, that I was introduced to RTN. I had been on my diet plan for 6 months, tried several brands and flavors and still could not find any whey protein on the market that tasted good and is natural. When it was time to drink my whey protein shake, I would cringe. Then, I discovered Bionic Edge Whey. Not only did it taste good but it's all natural! Another thing I love is making the Bionic Edge Protein Bars. I tell everyone about it. It's so delicious I feel like I'm cheating on my diet! There's nothing else comparable to it out there!

Sheena Lee
Its Important To Be Very Particular About What Goes Into Your Body. From What You Eat and The Supplements You Choose. I Am Proud To Be A RTNAthlete and Highly Recommend and Actually Use All RTN Products!!! RTN Is The Absolute Best Natural and Effective Product On The Market!!!
Michael Ferguson

Kelly SretenovicKelly Sretenovic's Testimonial
Eating healthy and working out have become my lifestyle. For the past year I have used Bionic Edge™ Whey in my nutrition program. I've noticed great results over the past year because of using this product. Bionic Edge™ Whey tastes great in shakes, especially after a daily workout! My favorite way to use this product is in my oatmeal. Traditional oatmeal and one scoop of Bionic Edge™ Whey is a great balance of carbs and protein. This makes a healthy breakfast that tastes great and is also a perfect way to start off the day! Adding Bionic Edge™ Whey into my diet has helped me to achieve the results I work so hard for. I am in the best shape of my life and I have Revolutionary Technology Nutrition™ to thank for it! This company has given me so much motivation and support over the past year. I have gained more confidence in myself and of what I am capable of accomplishing. Revolutionary Technology Nutrition™ is a great company with owners who truly care about helping people to reach their goals and to live a healthier lifestyle. I am so thankful for all of the positive direction they have given me.

Gina's Testimonial
Hi my name is Gina and recently I decided to compete in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest. I had 4 months to get into the shape possible. To start I needed motivation so I did personal training with Richard Tuma and Marc Napoliello & added Revolutionary Technology Nutrition™ products such as Bionic Edge™ Whey and Glutamine to my nutrition program. Having Bionic Edge™ Whey shake after my daily work out with Glutamine 2-3 times a day help boost my metabolism it burn fat and build muscle. I also added as a snack Bionic Edge™ Whey bars as a healthy late night snack, instead of starving or eating something unhealthy. I was not only ready for the contest, but in the best shape of my life. I ended up placing and qualifying in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest finals.

I have been a part of the Fitness Industry for 20 years and not until I was introduced to Revolutionary Technology Nutrition have I been completely satisfied with a supplement line. Living a healthy lifestyle and owning my own business as well as competing as an IFBB Figure Pro; it is sometimes difficult to get in all of my meals when I am eating 6 times a day. With Bionic Edge Whey Protein it makes it so convenient to get in my protein when on the go from morning till night. Revolutionary Technology Nutrition Bionic Edge Whey has no chemicals, no artificial sweeteners, and is low in sugar and fat making this an option even during my prep. This protein is also great in all kinds of recipes that can be found on the website. My favorite way to use Bionic Edge Whey is in my oatmeal and in my pancakes!, I am so happy I have found RTN, it has made my life so much easier and healthier!! I strongly suggest all of the RTN Products to all of my clients, friends and family.

IFBB Figure Pro - Patrice Vignola